A little about me

My name is Tracey, i have worked in the hair industry for over 16 years. I have had the pleasure of working under various industry professionals I have built my skill set learning off some of Sydney’s most renowned stylists. Now i am enjoying working freelance part time and working in my own salon.

My passion for hair gets stronger by the day. It still feels more of a hobby rather than a job.

I pride myself on my professional, creative ability to work under pressure and think outside the box when needed. Adding personalized touches to each and every client. Every look that walks out the door has been personalized to stand out from the crowd.

Some fun facts about me:

-I get teary when brides put on their dress and im still there to catch a glimpse

-Garlic bread is life, i LOVE it

-My life is my child my husband and my dog.

-Growing up in the Blue Mountains was beautiful. Blue Mountains Weddings are my favorite locations.

-Loud. Yes thats me…but im working on it.

-I do weddings for the delicious spread they put out in the morning……..jokes sort of.

-Hair has been a love of mine since I was a little girl, as a result my passion began early. I had a walk in salon set up in my room.

-My poppy paid for every hair cut I gave him, no matter how much I refused, no matter how little hair he had left xxx

-I laugh a lot.

-People tell their hair stylist everything. I have lots of funny stories from working in the indusrty for many years and im not afraid to tell them

-A guilty pleasure for making fathers of the bride cry..( I know its terrible but beautiful at the same time)

I am constantly updating my skills. I am a very determined professional. With a very strong passion on providing Wedding Hair Styling to Sydney’s Brides.


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